Current status of the AI

Posted by vahid on March 15, 2023

Currently the AI is the hot thing and I guess it’s the web and internet of the new decade. The emergence of its applications will change our perception of many things, including education, creative works, engineering, communication, etc. It’s a wave that we should get on. But how we can do that? Should we try to replicate the things that big companies like Open AI do? It’s very expensive to do that. What can be done is develop services on top of these giants. Something like creating apps for androids and iOS or developing web sites or web applications on top of the internet. I can really change everything. Easier interface for the elderly so we don’t have to fix their issues and answer their questions 😐 and keep them more protected from scams and other rubbish stuff that are fed to them. We can better educate our children when they just need to ask anything from ChatGPT and their questions can be endless. Something that we’re not that good at. And get irritated by their endless questions. That can bring them up as questioners rather than memorizers of stuff.

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