Change BlogPost editor from Markdown to Html in Orchard Core

My experience on changing the content editor from and MD editor to an HTML editor

Posted by vahid on September 27, 2022

Recently I’ve concluded that Markdown is not a good fit for my orchard core blog. My blog is on two languages English and Persian. And markdown is too limited for Persian specifically its lack of RTL support. So I decided to switch to an Html editor for blog posts. Editing the blog post content type is simple but I need to migrate my old posts' text to the new editor field and I need to show the content of this HTML editor on the page, not the markdown one.

After a little search, I find out that I should change these types of things with templates, previously I thought I should change them by modifying a view file or something but as it turns out I just needed to add a template with the name Content__BlogPost which I found it under BlogPost part edit, edit templates drop-down button then “Template for Blog Post content item in detail views.

Then copied the orchard core source for TheBlogTheme views, Content-BlogPost.liquid which is what currently is being used I pasted the content to the new template content and just changed the part with markdown rendering on it to HTML rendering.


{{ Model.Content.MarkdownBodyPart | shape_render }}


{{ Model.Content.HtmlBodyPart | shape_render }}

I saved it and it worked like a charm 😊

But now I have to copy and paste the content from my markdown field to HTML field and edit each post a bit. Let’s see if I can find a way to copy the markdown field to the HTML field.

Maybe I can do it with a query on the database. Yeah, it’s not that complicated with a query it just needs to filter the content column in the document table where "ContentType":"BlogPost" and change the word Markdown to Html.

But due to the changes required for MD to render well as HTML, I had to edit them one by one I chose to keep both parts in the blog post and migrate the content one by one.

By the way, I chose Trumbowyg editor for the HTML editor type. It looks more featureful. I’ll share my thoughts when I have more experience with it.

As of now, it turns out copying and pasting is easier for editing than updating the content using a query. The formatting is a nightmare. 😊

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