Blazor seems very promising!

Every application type with blazor

Posted by vahid on November 15, 2019

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Today I watched a blazor intro by Steve Sanderson and that was awesome. It looks very promising there, you can build Web apps, PWAs, Native mobile apps (early stages) all with the help a robust framework that is .net framework, or more specifically .net framework core.

Seeing the intro I got very excited and now I'm installing Visual Studio 2019 to get a hands on experience with and share my experience here a long the way. Let's see what's there.

It seems currently just "Blazor Server App" is stable and available in Visual Studio 2019 v16.3.9, with this template what we get a project with Data, Pages, Shared and wwwroot folders and and some familiar files in mvc projects in addition to the new .razor files. Running the project we got a simple UI as in the following image.

Considerable files: App.razor Not that obvious what's it for. _imports.razor: It's obvious that it's to define using namespaces that would be available in our views, adding them here, it's not needed to add these using expressions in each view. _host.cshtml Looks like it contains the main html content Pros and Cons



  • We have to wait to get matured UI components(cool datepickers, datagrids, ...)

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